Pass Your FTMO or any other prop firm with FundedEA Deluxe!

The Ultimate FTMO Trading Bot Verified by Myfxbook

Our Trading Bot will Pass Your Challenge 100% Automatically & Will Also Trade On Your Funded Account.

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“FundedEA passed my FTMO challenge in only 4 days without breaching the max 5% DD. I fully recommend it :)”


“Your bot passed my FTMO challenge in 2 days with no issue. Easy!”


“Skeptical at first! But this bot was profitable on demo and also passed my challenge in 1 day.”


“I’m just mindblown that I made over $7K on my funded accounts with this EA. It’s a very powerful bot! Thank you!

  • High Challenge Pass Rate
  • 500+ Clients Funded
  • 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee


Not only does our trading bot pass your FTMO challenge, but it also seamlessly manages your funded account 100% automatically. No human intervention required. Experience effortless trading and unparalleled success with our state-of-the-art solution.

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If you purchase FundedEA Deluxe you also get a High Frequency Trading Bot for FREE! The HFT bot will be included in your FundedEA purchase. So you get TWO trading bots at the price of one!

Here are some features of the HFT bot:

  • 100% Pass Rate
  • Works with All HFT-Allowed Prop Firms
  • Verified by Myfxbook
  • Set Files Included
  • 30-day Risk Free Guarantee
  • Unlimited Accounts License
  • Passes HFT Challenges in Under 1 Hour
  • For MT4 & Challenges Only

90% of traders fail the challenge

According to FTMO, only 10% of people who try their challenges actually pass them. We know how hard it is to pass prop firm challenges. The odds are not in your favor and the rules make it very hard for most traders to make any progress. That’s why we specifically designed an automated trading system (EA) to pass your challenge so you can relax and watch it do its job. Once purchased you can use the trading bot for as many challenges as you wish and you can even let it trade on your funded account for passive income!


Challenges Passed

Are you feeling discouraged by a previous prop firm challenge failure or intimidated by the high failure rate? Stress no more! We’re here to provide you with access to our cutting-edge automated system that will effortlessly pass your prop firm challenge – no need to lift a finger!

With an outstanding 96% success rate, we have already supported more than 500 traders in obtaining a fully funded account, propelling them towards the path of financial freedom!

30 Day Risk Guarantee

Here at FundedEA we want everyone to win. We are so confident in our EA that if you are not satisfied with the results and systems we have in place within 30 days after purchasing our bot, we will pass your challenge ourselves for free with no extra cost to you! (This is something other providers charge 1000s for)


  • Works with all prop firms, including FTMO
  • Available on MT4, MT5, cTrader & DXTrade
  • Verified by Myfxbook
  • 30-day Risk Free Guarantee
  • 6+ Months of Verified Backtesting
  • Instant Delivery After Payment
  • No Martingale, No Grid, No HFT

LIMITED licenses left...


Is your trading bot allowed by prop firms?

Yes, prop firms allow automated trading and the use of EAs (Expert Advisors). Here’s a link with all of the prop firms that allow EA trading:

How long does it take to pass the challenge?

It depends on the risk settings you apply to the trading bot. Once you purchase the EA you will get a sheet with the optimal risk parameters for every account size. Nonetheless, with our risk parameters every challenge can be passed within the required time.

Can I use your bot on funded accounts?

Definitely! You can use our EA on both Challenge and Funded accounts.

Does it use a prohibited strategy?

No, our EA does not use prohibited strategies by prop firms.

Does everyone have the same trades?

No, our EA uses the same strategy but different entries and exits for every user.

Can I use it on my phone?

Definitely! You can use our EA on your phone using a VPS. If you don’t know what a VPS is you’ll get support from our team to do it.

Why choose an EA instead of a passing service?

Passing services that include trading by other people are against the rules of all prop firms. You risk to lose your account if you share your login details with someone else to pass your challenge.

EAs are allowed by almost all prop firms and you never have to share your login details with anyone else.

What account sizes can I use it on?

You can use our EA on ANY account size! There are no restrictions.

Is it a one time payment?


There are NO recurring charges, upsells or extra fees.

Why would you sell a profitable EA?

We’re a group of experienced traders that want to help the failing traders with an automated solution. While we make people happy with the FundedEA bot we also make extra revenue for ourselves. You get paid, we get paid. Everybody wins.

How can I trust you?

We know it’s hard to know who’s scamming and who isn’t. That’s a risk you have to deal with as a buyer. There are risks you have to take in every endeavour in life and this is one of them. While we try to show proof of payouts and passed challenges there’s still room for doubts from our website visitors. While that’s out of our control we leave it up to you to make the final decision 🙂

You can risk your money for a trading bot that can pass challenges and bring you consistent payouts or keep your money without taking any risk. It doesn’t matter to us. It’s all about you and the risks you want to take in your trading career.

You can scroll down to see more proof and a few  challenge passing certficates from our clients.